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Department Detail:  County Treasurer

Department County Treasurer
Elected Official Carrie Eastlick
Address 111 South Jefferson Street
P O Box 430
Lancaster, Wisconsin  53813-0430
Phone Number 608-723-2604
Fax Number 608-723-5636
Staff County Treasurer Staff
Office Hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday

The County Treasurer's Office serves as the County's money manager and tax collector.  Services include processing tax payments and general receipts, processing payroll and general checks for distribution, approval of plats and Notice to Cut Timber, and the certification of lottery credit applications.  We also provide access to all tax information:  Phone inquiries, public access terminals and our web site.

The ONLY payments that will be accepted on the Grant Co Payment Portal during the months of December and January are as follows:

-  Deliquent

-  Town of Harrison

   Town of Woodman

-  Village of Montfort

-  Village of Mt Hope

-  City of Fennimore

-  City of Lancaster

** ALL other payments will be voided and returned to payee ** 

As stated on your tax bill, you must pay your first installment or full payment to specified treasurer by January 31st of each year or your balance will become deliquent.

This website is for payments to Grant County ONLY:

  • Current 2nd installments due by July 31st
  • or Deliquent taxes

To pay your property taxes online please visit:
Property Tax

For more information, please visit:
Wisconsin County Treasurers' Association

Unredeemed Lands

Affidavit of Attempted Service

  • The County Treasurer is a Constitutional Officer elected every four years whose primary duties are outlined in section 59.25 WI Stats. and Chapter 70 WI Stats.
  • Receive and pay out all moneys belonging to the County, keep an account of the receipts & expenditures and keep separate accounts of moneys received for taxes, redemptions and generals.
  • Exhibit treasurer's vouchers to be audited and annually prepare and furnish to Department of Revenue completed tax settlements.
  • Pay to the State fees for licenses, fines, forfeitures and real estate transfer returns.  Deposit all moneys for jail assessments.
  • Investment of County funds.
  • Acquire, manage and sell tax deeded lands.
  • Make IRS payroll tax deposits.
  • Keep a record of use value changes, MFL payments and PILT payments.
Public Information
  • All the information that is kept by the County Treasurer is open and available to the public
Committee Of Jurisdiction Executive Committee
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