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Foster Parents

Foster Parents of Grant County

Grant County Foster Parents

"Every child deserves to grow, learn, and dream in a supportive and loving environment. During National Foster Care Month, we recognize the almost 400,000 young people in foster care and the foster parents and dedicated professionals who are in their lives. We also rededicate every child a sense of stability and a safe place to call home." -- Presidential Proclamation -- National Foster Care Month, 2014

Thank you to our Grant County Foster Parents!  We greatly appreciate everything our Foster Parents do for our children and teenagers in Foster Care!

The children and teenagers of Grant County are in desperate need of safe, loving foster homes.  Foster care is 24-hour care provided by licensed foster parents for children who cannot live with their parents because they are unsafe, have special care or treatment needs, or other circumstances exist where parents or family are unable to care for them.  

Grant County Social Services licenses and oversees these placements. 

Generally, placement in foster care is temporary and intended to give the child's family time to make necessary changes so that the child can live safely in his or her home and community.  

Most children in foster care return home to their families. 

When children cannot return home, they find permanence through placement with relatives, adoption, or other means. 

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent call us at 608-723-2136, and ask to speak to one of our Foster Care Coordinators.  You can also follow the links below for more information: 

Wisconsin Foster Care and Adoption Resource Center

Foster Parent Training

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