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Committee Detail:  Executive

Committee Name Executive
Chairperson  Gary Ranum
Description Effective April 2010, the Finance Committee and the Employee Relations Committee shall be combined and will be called the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the County Board Chairperson, the First Vice-Chairperson, Second Vice-Chairperson, and the immediate past County Board Chairperson, if a continuing Supervisor, along with four other County Board members. This committee shall have seven members. The Executive Committee shall prepare and examine all resolutions for the expenditure of money and make recommendations on all money matters, including investment of same. It shall have charge of bonds of County officers. All departments and any business not specific to other committees shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall arrange a work session on the budget by the whole County Board before the first Tuesday in October, at which time each department will present their budget to the County Board. The Executive Committee shall further be charged with setting the policy of each department in a manner consistent with Wisconsin Statutes and when called upon for the purpose. This committee shall hear and consider the grievances reported by County Departments, County Officers, and County Employees, and to make their recommendations to the County Board after sufficient consideration with the committee responsible. The Executive Committee shall recommend to the County Board the compensation of all County Officers and employees. This committee shall further receive from all committees responsible for hiring employees, all matters pertaining to Clerk hire, salary, working hours and conditions, and departmental problems. The members of this committee are appointed.

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