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3/14 SkillPath Webinar: Turn Around Underperforming Employees

Location:  Grant County Board Room
Time:  1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Registration:  Not Required

Turn Around Underperforming Employees

  • Consider hidden management or organizational causes of performance gaps
  • Identify what employees need to change without overwhelming or deflating them
  • Involve employees in getting to the root of their performance problems
  • Investigate and remedy employee-identified barriers to good performance
  • Adopt communication strategies to help identify derailment sooner and get employees back on track
  • Establish a mentoring program to sharpen skills, improve attitudes and inspire passion
  • Create a performance improvement plan that supports employees’ efforts
  • Change your mindset so that you genuinely believe performance will improve
  • Get employee commitment to turn performance around


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