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4/20 SkillPath Webinar: Telephone Skills for Administrative and

4/23 SkillPath Webinar: How to Handle Emotions Under Pressure

4/27 SkillPath Webinar: Keys to Improving Employee Accountabilit

5/04 SkillPath Webinar: How to Work Effectively With People

5/07 SkillPath Webinar: Dealing with Difficult Situations

5/16 SkillPath Webinar: Developing a Professional Presen

5/29 SkillPath Webinar: Managing Employees Who Are Stretched to

5/30 Franklin University Visit

5/31 SkillPath Webinar: Communicating With Highly Sensitive Peop

6/6 Franklin University Visit

6/18 "Quarterly" Training

6/18 Aflac Visit

9/20 Nationwide Retirement (Deferred Compensation Visit)

9/20 Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Visit

9/20 "Quarterly" Training

11/6 Aflac Visit

11/8 "Quarterly" Training



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