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12/15 Star12 SkillPath Webinar: Managing and Motivating the Most

Location:  Grant County Board Room

Time:  1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Registration:  Not Required

Managing and Motivating the Most Challenging Employee Types 

  • Examine challenging personality types—understand why each acts the way they do—and learn how to manage and motivate each

  • When a “problem employee” isn’t really a problem—the difference between temporarily and chronically difficult people

  • Are you provoking poor performance and attitudes? What to do if it’s true.

  • Secret employee motivators: Adapting your management style to their needs

  • Understand internal vs. external motivators

  • The incredible power of praise: Who knew it could be this simple? 

  • How to give true constructive feedback that avoids defensive reactions

  • Ask the right questions to help employees examine and change their own behavior—and enhance both your credibility and their trust in you


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