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Committee Detail:  Unified Community Services Board of Directors

Committee Name Unified Community Services Board of Directors
Chairperson  Carol Beals
Description Unified Community Services Board: This board shall oversee the operations of the multi-County Department of Unified Community Services of Grant and Iowa County. The board shall be composed of eleven members, three of which are to be Grant County Board Supervisors, four members of this committee will be Grant County citizen members, and the remaining 4 members of this committee shall be Iowa County members (2 County Board Supervisors and 2 Citizen members). This Committee is charged with performing the duties required under Chapter 51 of the Wisconsin Statutes and its members shall serve for the term set forth in said statutes or by-laws. Members of this board shall meet the requirements set forth in Wisconsin Statues Chapter 51.42.

  • John Beinborn
  • Janelle Carroll
  • Joan Davis
  • Nancy  Howard
  • Dawn Kendrick
  • Amy Kite
  • John Meyers
  • Justin O'Brien
  • Steve Obershaw
  • Gary Ranum
  • Mike  Tiber
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