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Committee Detail:  Law Enforcement/Emergency Management

Committee Name Law Enforcement/Emergency Management
Chairperson  Adam Day
Description It shall be the duty of this committee to confer with and supervise the needs, powers, and duties of the Sheriff of Grant County and his/her deputies and shall present to the County Board from time to time such suggestions that said committee may have concerning law enforcement and other duties required by the Sheriff’s Department; it shall investigate and report on all claims against the County pertaining to the Sheriff, Deputy Sheriffs and Justice Accounts; it shall make an inspection twice yearly of the County Jail; it shall provide the necessary books and see that proper jail records are kept; it shall have charge of all matters pertaining to the operations of the police radio system; it shall make recommendations regarding enforcement of traffic laws; and it shall have jurisdiction over all claims of the County Coroner. Any claim against the County from a Humane Officer shall be referred to this committee. This committee is hereby designated as the Audit Committee for the purpose specified in Wisconsin Statutes, relative to Justice Accounts. This committee shall also be in charge of the County Emergency Management Disaster Services Program as per § 166.03 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. This committee shall be comprised of seven County Board members. The members of this committee are appointed.

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