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Committee Detail:  Administrative

Committee Name Administrative
Chairperson  Patrick Schroeder
Description Effective April 2010, the Committee on Committees, the Strategic Planning Committee, the Legislative Committee, and the Redistricting Committee shall be combined and shall be called the Administrative Committee. The Administrative Committee shall have seven members on it who are County Board Members. The County Board Chairperson, First Vice-Chairperson, Second Vice-Chairperson, and the immediate past County Board Chairperson, if a continuing supervisor, shall be members of this Committee. The Administrative Committee shall every two years recommend to the Chairperson of the County Board as to the appointment of members to the standing committees of the Board. The Administrative Committee shall endeavor to appoint each County Board Supervisor to an equal number of committees. The Administrative Committee shall take up to three days following the first County Board Meeting after a County Board supervisory election to determine what committees each County Board Supervisor shall be on. The Chairperson of the Administrative Committee shall file a list of committee appointments in the office of the County Clerk within a week thereafter and the Clerk shall forthwith mail a copy thereof to each board member. The Administrative Committee shall also be charged with examining and reporting to the Board concerning all legislation affecting the County pending in the Wisconsin Legislature and in Congress if necessary. The Resource Agent shall work with the Administrative Committee. The Administrative Committee shall further be charged with proposing a redistricting plan to the County Board when required by Wisconsin Statutes. Moreover, the Administrative Committee shall be charged with performing strategic planning for Grant County. The strategic planning to be done by the Administrative Committee includes assessing and evaluating the County’s overall future needs to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what the County does to increase effectiveness and efficiency through goals and objectives. This includes, but is not limited to, facilities planning, sharing, and consolidating of resources, improving communication, marketing, and transportation infrastructure. The members of this committee are elected.

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